Honestly, I don’t even know even know if there is a female version of the word “author”. I just really like the “ette” suffix. Maybe there is some sexist connotation, let me google it real quick.

Yep, there it is:

“English nouns in which the suffix -ette designates a feminine role or identity have been perceived by many people as implying inferiority or insignificance”

I’m still going with “authorette”. You can perceive this as an act of rebellion against the patriarchy or simply stubborness. It is both. That’s me in a nutshell.

Anywho, this is a blog all about how my life got turnt upside down. The Fresh Authorette of Bel Air.

My thoughts tend to wander to far off places. That’s also a fact about me.

Cutting to the chase: I write. You read. Please, read what I write. Then you write about what I wrote and I’ll read. I don’t know, send me messages like “I really liked this” or “I really hated this” or “I had a sandwich for lunch, brie and polish sausage, what about you?”.

The things I write about are difficult to pin point. How the hell should I know what I’ll feel like writing next? I mean, I love writing sex scenes, murder plots, funny altercations. They could all happen in a single story and to put all of that in a genre box is suffocating .

What I can affirm surely is that I write following my own taste and my own beliefs. Having that said, LGBTQ and people of colour characters are expected as the main cast. Don’t assume any character is white and straight because chances are they aren’t. I’ll let you know.

Do people even read the author-talking-about-themselves section? Well, there it is.

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I sign as M. Femme. It’s artsy, dontcha think? I thought so as well. Call me M, if you please.