Amy Steak finished the night’s performance by spraying the entire audience with blood. Her character was described as “violently vegan” and “literally sickening”. She laughed maniacally in her ‘meat is murder’ sequined gown while all sorts of queer folk were gagging for their lives. They loved every second of it. Their love was how she made a living, bringing home the bacon. Metaphorically, of course, since she was indeed vegan and consumed nothing of animal origin.

Her roommate, Debra Zillian, also didn’t eat meat, but on the account she couldn’t afford anything more than instant noodles. Debra barged in drag queen Amy Steak’s dressing room while the star removed her vegan Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup and fake blood off her face.


“Girl, look how fucking red you look, girl! Are you a shitty communist, Amy? I’ll throw you out of the apartment if you are!”

Amy roared with laughter without ever taking her eyes off herself in the mirror.

“Are you joking? Bitch, you owe me three weeks rent. Your ass is on the line, not mine. And how did it ever cross your tiny mind I’m a communist?!”


      “There’s red all over you!”

       “What’s your problem? This is blood, you dumb queen. You have, like, 5 liters of this in your body. Well, maybe not you. There must be some missing in your brain.”


Debra Zillian’s drag persona was that of a hysterical, ignorant and aggressive middle-aged Brazilian woman. Unfortunately, out of drag, she was the same. Having that said, it was no wonder her fanbase was minuscule. Those days, if you were perceived as a hateful person in the drag community, your bank account would take notice. Nobody wants to pay for hatred when there’s so much out there for free.

Debra forgot all about her being penniless when coming for the person who was keeping her off the streets. As soon as she remembered she turned into a sweet begging lamb.


“Listen, Amy. Gorgeous Amy. I’ll pay you! Do you know Nuno?”


“Girl, how many times did your parents drop you on your head when you were a baby? Of course I know Nuno. He’s my fucking agent. I was the one that introduced him to you. Seriously, today you’re even dumber than usual”


“Hey, I’m feeling very attacked right now” – Debra whined exaggeratedly


“Yeah, who cares? Just tell me about Nuno. I’m getting tired of your voice”


“Fine, you wicked witch of the west. Nuno and I have a business date tonight”


“You got yourself a sugar daddy then?” – Amy snickered at her friend


Thinking of a million clapbacks, the sad looking queen said nothing. She wasn’t sad at all, but it certainly made people sad to look at her. As a matter of fact, what she felt was pure anger. There was a glass of water nearby and it was tempting Debra. ‘Throw me on her face, Debra’, she would hear the water calling to her.

How dare Amy to imply such a thing? Debra was sure that having a sugar daddy meant only through sexual favors could she make money. Reading between the lines, Debra was told she was talentless, ugly and slutty. Of course, Amy meant nothing of the sort, but Debra wasn’t the smartest cookie around. It took enormous amounts of restraint to avoid confrontation and stick to what she planned to tell Amy Steak.


“No, I don’t have a sugar daddy” – she paused, breathed in and smiled – “Nuno is helping me to rebrand. He says he sees potential in my drag and wants to help me.”


“Potential, yes. He sees a lot, doesn’t he?”


Amy Steak’s eyes were dead with irony. She was too busy for that conversation. Even if she were doing absolutely nothing, she would still be too busy. Her fresh face wasn’t fully emerged from her makeup yet, she still needed to spend a good half hour on it.


“Soon I’ll get gigs enough to pay you back.”


The performer heard enough and turned her body to face Debra Zillian. She was tired. Her feet were sore and her tuck begged to be released. She always became about thirty percent meaner when she was tucked.


“Lookie here, you say ‘soon’, I hear ‘I don’t know when’. That’s fine. I’m doing well enough to keep saving your ass another two or three weeks, but not forever. One day or another you gotta stop fighting it and decide if this dream is meant for you or if it’s time to go your own way.”


Her words hurt Debra, whose wish was still to throw a drink in Amy’s face. Nevertheless, she persevered. She wouldn’t give up easily.


“Come over to Nuno’s place tomorrow night then. Help me decide. We’ll spend all day figuring out a new image for me and the final choice will be yours to make. You are the successful queen after all. Some fans even compare your face to Linda Evangelista’s, you know?”


Appealing to Amy’s vanity was a bullseye. She agreed to go with a proud smile on her face.

Climbing the stairs to Nuno’s apartment, she was trying to guess what sort of changes in Debra they would think of. Her stubbornness wouldn’t simply go away with a makeover. Debra was angry all the time. Never listened to anybody. She wasn’t a people person, which makes it hard to make them give you money. Amy wanted to help, but knew Debra had to be responsible for herself eventually. Even though she was certain Debra wasn’t a good person, Amy still cared for her.

Amy didn’t bother to knock. It was a nice, white neighborhood. There was no reason for Nuno to lock the apartment door. She opened the door and faced the pitch-black living room. Her immediate thought was ‘please, don’t be having sex’. Debra’s pale ass bouncing on a dick was the last thing she wanted to see that night. Amy courageously flipped the light switch, but instead of two naked lovers, she received the sound of an agonizing scream. Still in the dark, startled by the unexpected bellowing, she took a few stumbles backward. She tried to process what was the wet and slimy feeling on her feet, but it was futile. She slipped and fell with a big thud.

Her ass was on the ground, covered with the mysterious liquid. It smelled of rusty pipes and somewhat familiar. Amy couldn’t see a thing. She was too confused to make up what was happening. It took a few minutes to get up. When she finally could stand up, the door was opened violently. Standing in the doorway was a police officer holding a flashlight. Of course the neighbors called the police! It was a nice white neighborhood after all. He held the light straight to Amy’s face blinding her. While she couldn’t see a damn thing, the officer could clearly see she was head to toes covered in blood.

Amy Steak’s arrest on homicide charges destroyed her career. Nobody could’ve guessed she would kill her manager after he stole her money. It was nothing like Chicago, nobody cared for the murderous performer. She never received visitors, so it was a big surprise when they handed her a postcard a friend sent from Rio de Janeiro. After reading it, Amy screamed so loud the guard dogs started to howl. It read:

“Nuno and I are enjoying the getaway you paid us! Nuno is a bit tired though, he donated some blood recently. The poor thing was screaming the whole time, I even recorded it! All for a good cause. Also, I have to thank you for your advice. I decided to go my own way after all. It’s not personal, Amy. It’s just drag. Now excuse me, I have to go bang Nuno on the beach”